Sunday, 21 August 2011

Huawei launches new modem 8586 Mi-Fi

new huawei mi fi three network 1 Huawei launches new modem 8586 Mi Fi
The Huawei May not be well known for its smartphones, but it is one of the best known manufacturers in Brazil, when it comes to modem 3G. The company was one of those responsible to bring the technology to Brazil, along with Nokia, and Sony. Their modems have always been successful in all mobile operators in the country.
Now the company announces a new, its new HSDPA modem + Mi-Fi that works for up to 3 devices at the same time, with good connection – do not know if it would very well in Brazil with this internet of sorts, but in other countries as England, the result can be more satisfying. The Mi-Fi Modem 8586 is capable of increasing the initial speed of the Internet for up to 40%, with a capacity of 21.1 Mbps.
It comes with an OLED screen that shows the amount of data used in addition to showing the current speed of your Internet connection, which can be activated by a specific button. Unlike modems with USB, it comes with a charger, making it even more portable than its predecessors. It is not known whether he will be released in Brazil, and even if I doubt that your connection makes it so special. Sorry for the sincerity, but unfortunately such power means nothing without the infrastructure.

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