Saturday, 13 August 2011

Windows Phone 7 based Nokia Phone Coming March 8

The Windows Phone 7 platform has a heap of potential but still feels like a work-in-progress project. To fix features and as well as to add them, Microsoft will liberate an update sometime in March. The fresh update would consist of new features such as Internet Explorer 9 and multitasking. Somewhat critical missing features such as copy-paste will also be added to the platform. The platform will also support CDMA, so Microsoft can expand into more markets.Windows7 phone Windows Phone 7 based Nokia Phone Coming March 8   Video Announcement
Microsoft has been in the news for their new partnership with Nokia. With the two giants working together, Microsoft cannot pay for to be the weak link. Steve Ballmer showed off the new Windows Phone 7 update along with a revelation of the Internet Explorer 9 browser on it beating Safari on the Apple iPhone 4. There weren’t too many other things mentioned about the new update. That’s not a good thing allowing for that the new platform has a long way to go and critics might have quite a few things to say about it. The event even had Nokia CEO Stephen Elop come on stage and mention why the partnership with Microsoft was a move in the right direction.
With so little being added and Nokia Windows 7 phones coming soon, we’re hoping Microsoft will get its act together in time.

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